Saturday, October 20, 2012

Dividend Stock Picks for the Week of 10/22/12 to 10/26/12

Listed below are my Dividend Stock investment selections for the Common Man's stock portfolio for the upcoming week of 10/22/12 to 10/26/12. Any one of these corporations will infuse a powerful wealth stream of cash into your Roth or Traditional IRA stock portfolio. It is fairly simple to invest your dollars into any one or all of these stocks by yourself, without the help of a Stock Broker, Financial Analyst or money hungry, high commission Wealth planners. Please take time to re-balance your retirement portfolio, as well as perform any necessary due diligence on dividend paying stocks that you may want to add to your Roth IRA. Please do yourself a favor and reinvest all of the dividends that you are currently receiving right back into each company. 

I will check back on 10/27/12 to determine how well or poor my picks performed. Continue to invest as much as you can each week to ensure that you have a solid dividend income stream to pay for your utilities, living expenses, etc. during your retirement years! Thank you for visiting DSIFTCM and I hope you had a profitable last week and have an even better week ahead. Please comment below and Like Us on Facebook, Follow Us on Twitter and
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Company Name/Stock Ticker
Current Dividend Yield/Share Price as of 10/20/12

Mondelez International Inc(NASDAQ:MDLZ)
1.93% $27.01

Universal Health Realty Income Trust(NYSE:UHT)
5.12% $48.06

PepsiCo, Inc.(NYSE:PEP)
3.08% $69.88

McDonald's Corporation(NYSE:MCD)
3.47% $88.72

Markwest Energy Partners LP(NYSE:MWE)
5.83% $54.87

Giant Interactive Group Inc (ADR)(NYSE:GA)
5.78% $5.19

United Parcel Service, Inc.(NYSE:UPS)
3.15% $72.30

Johnson & Johnson(NYSE:JNJ)
3.40% $71.86

Emerson Electric Co.(NYSE:EMR)
3.32% $48.25

Brandywine Realty Trust(NYSE:BDN)
4.81% $12.48

Hewlett-Packard Company(NYSE:HPQ)
3.65% $14.48

The Allstate Corporation(NYSE:ALL)
2.09% $42.01

Capital One Financial Corp.(NYSE:COF)
0.33% $60.75

Alpine Global Dynamic Dividend Fund(NYSE:AGD)
12.14% $5.93

Automatic Data Processing(NASDAQ:ADP)
2.70% $58.42

Yum! Brands, Inc.(NYSE:YUM)
1.91% $70.09

American Capital Agency Corp.(NASDAQ:AGNC)
15.13% $33.04

Chimera Investment Corporation(NYSE:CIM)
13.48% $2.67

Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc(NYSE:IVR)
12.46% $20.87

LTC Properties Inc(NYSE:LTC)
5.66% 32.89


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Dividend Stock Investing For The Common Man

Dividend Stock Investing For The Common Man